Candis Pham

Hi! I'm Candis

I am a recent graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology with a major in Computational Media with a focus in web development and graphic design and a sub-focus in Human-Computer Interaction.  

I absolutely love Georgia Tech. It’s opened up so many different opportunities for me ranging from traveling opportunities (Orlando, Key Stone, Tucson, Spain...) to computing conferences (Grace Hopper 2007-2010, Java One) and even career opportunities for me to grow as web developer. I’ve been employed at Web Design firms such as Eclipse Web Media, companies such as PLAE - Performance Sports Flooring working as the Webmaster & Graphic Designer, non-profit organizations such as the American Cancer Society - National Home Office as an Interactive Media & Search Marketing Intern, and have even done some free-lance work. I am currently employed at Capgemini as a Technologies Staff Consultant.

Web technologies and graphic design really is one of my strongest passions, but when I’m not doing that, I also love kickboxing, playing tennis, photography, and watching movies. None of that, however, can compare to playing with my baby … kitten… Zippo.

Click here for an actual “About Me” as published in the 2009 Georgia Tech Undergraduate Recruitment Viewbook.