Initial Design

Find my initial brainstorming ideas here.

Design Inspiration: Each website linked off of my personal website portfolio has a different background design theme, each of which says a little bit about me. My websites about me have designs that range from my love of film to my love of sports, and even to my love of my kitten. This particular website shows my love for nature.

Growing up in Batesville, Arkansas, the natural beauty of the great outdoors was a big part of my life. It's something that, now being in Atlanta, I kind of miss, thus the website design here full of green, clouds, flowers, and splashes of water.

projects initial idea For this website, it's main purpose is to document and showcase my work in an organized fashion. For this reason, I chose to implement a very obvious navigation bar at the top of the page. I also decided to put a "featured projects" section at the top to showcase what I thought was my best work. As of right now, I only have one project, which is this website, so I thought a "Featured Projects Coming Soon" image would be most appropriate.

Apart from the home page, I felt that the projects page was the most important page of the website. This is where all of my projects would be featured. I really liked Professor Ladato's idea of using thumbnails in chronological order. It easily and visually shows the user what's avaliable and is easy to navigate through.

Design Revised

I decided to take the flowers out because, besides from creating a cluttered feeling when there were colorful images in the main content area, the flowers just seemed overly girlish. I also added a texture to the top of the background design to add a little detail.I also added a curved line to the bottom to the featured projects section to add a little personality and flare.

I ended up changing the hovers on the navigation so that it looked like you were about to press a button rather than just the text changing color (better user experience).

In the contact bar, I decided to take out the facebook icon because I felt it was to personal to put on a class website. However, I decided to keep the linkedIn buttom because it has a more professional networking appeal to it.

I also made a few changes to the projects page organization. Instead of just having two-dimentional boxes, I felt that adding a drop shadow would help a user to better unconciously think it's a button. I also decided to move the assignment name to the top of the box to make it more prominent so that it would be easier for users to realize what they're looking at. Below the image, the project name became the assignment number and the due date remained where it was.

Pecha Kucha Presentation

As part of this assignment, I also had to create a PowerPoint presentation to show the class my preliminary plans for this project. The presentation can be found here.

Final Product

The final product is the website you see here. Click here to get back to the home page. For comments, questions, or suggestions for improvement, feel free to comment by contacting me here. Thank you, and I hope you like this project!

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