Candis Pham

Welcome to my website! In this website, you will find all kinds of information about me including my work experience, major class projects, freelance work, and maybe even some stuff I'm just proud to share.

I am a recent graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology with a major in Computational Media with a focus in web development and graphic design. Always looking to learn new things, I hope to use my career to help revolutionize the way media and the web interact.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but there are still a few pages that are currently under construction. Feel free to also visit my Behance Portfolio (http://www.behance.net/candispham/frame) or my blog (http://cpham3.wordpress.com/). To help me and my website grow, please feel free to send me critiques and suggestions via my contact page.

Thank You, and I hope you have a great day!